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Hikari Gold Pond Fish Food – Too Expensive for C-Grade Food

Hikari Gold Pond Fish Food

Extremely expensive for what it is. I would note the single aquacultural protein in the top three ingredients means this is a cheaply produced food, but with a $10-11/lb price tag. I wouldn’t feed it only because of the price. Otherwise it’s a C-rated food. This is new for Hikari because they were once my favorite recommendation.


Only one aquacultural protein in the top four ingredients and no split ingredients. Astaxanthin color enhancer, garlic. Has stabilized Vitamin C. Unable to tell if cooked.


Fish meal, flake corn (processed), wheat flour, gluten meal, soybean meal, enzyme, monosodium glutamate, garlic, astaxanthin, DL-methionine, vitamins and minerals including stabilized Vitamin C.